Zacharias Moussaoui was an absolute nobody before September 11th, 2001. He was a French expatriate sitting in jail on suspicious behavior reported to the FBI by a Minnesota flight school.

For a month before the attack, the clothes he wore, the food he ate, how he acted and when he would wake and sleep was controlled by the U.S. government. That’s life when you are sitting in prison.

When the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, somehow this man became a suspect. He was indicted and charged with six counts of conspiracy. Moussaoui is said to have conspired with 19 hijackers by behaving in a very similar way in terms of aeronautical education and suspicious finances. The charges are “Conspiracy to commit international terrorism” and “Using weapons of mass destruction.”

The conspiracy charge is no surprise since conspiracy is the government’s favorite charge to remove undesirables from society regardless of truth or logic. Because this man is supposedly innocent until proven guilty, the weapons of mass destruction charge is absolutely necessary to make conspiracy charges stick.

The big surprise, the *huge* surprise, is that the government will seek the death penalty against Zacharias Moussaoui.

It’s bad enough that there’s no way in hell that this man is going to get an impartial jury on charges of conspiracy but now he’s going to get a patently angry jury that will get the chance to put him to death.

Prosecutors cited Moussaoui’s “Lack of remorse” for the victims and survivors of the terrorist attacks.

How a lack of remorse matters for a guy who was in government custody and unrelated to anyone involved in the tragedy should be beyond comprehension to anyone that believes in the rule of law. In his usual nonsensical Orwellian doublespeak, AG John Ashcroft was quoted in Florida, “We remain committed not only to carrying out justice in this case but to also ensuring the rights of victims are fully protected.”

All available evidence says that, no matter who Moussaoui may have conspired with to do the evil deeds listed in the indictment, he did not actually touch anybody. He did not go to an airport. He did not board a plane. He did not possess box cutters. He did not subdue and murder flight crews.

Moussaoui the not create any victims and he sure as hell didn’t violate any fictitious victims’ rights. As an indisputable fact, the victims of September 11th, 2001 have absolutely nothing to do with this case.

Zacharias Moussaoui is a sacrificial lamb that must die so that the rule of the incompetent few can continue. The U.S. still has no idea what happened, who did it, how it was planned, who was responsible and, most comforting of all, how to prevent future terrorist attacks.

To distract you from their confused state of affairs, they will sell you a tall tale about how a man sitting in prison was responsible for thousands of deaths and deserves death as punishment.

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