The Queen Mum has left and gone away. She died at the age of 101. Without a doubt, she was a class act of a family where gene pool and cesspool are interchangeable terms.

She followed the golden rule of keeping her mouth shut so nobody could figure out if she really was just as bad at the rest of the Royals. As far as her legitimate accomplishments, she did fulfill her role as the symbolic leader of the empire when Britain was getting the shit kicked out of it by Germany.

Beyond that, what else is there for a queen to do? Cyberista salutes the Queen Mum with a big “who cares?” and a heartfelt “’bout time, lady!”

Today’s British subject is better educated and seldom believes in Santa Claus. With 25 percent of United Kingdom tax revenue going to Buckingham Palace and nothing but a bunch of drug addict sex freaks to show for those hard-earned pounds, maybe it’s time to dismantle the archaic institution of royalty.

Survey after survey says that British subjects want education and better transportation. Both of those goals can be easily met without subsidizing the top one percent of the United Kingdom.

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