File sharing punks in California need to prepare for some pound-you-in-the-ass prison time if they share any file among more than 10 people without attaching their email address.

Under the new law signed by Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, the entertainment industry escalates its War on Customers by criminalizing copyright infringement. If you don't add your email address to your shared files, you'll be fined $2500 or 12 months hard time or both. Apparently, violent crimes are no longer a problem for the great state of California because they can now pursue evil high school students with the long arm of justice.

There's no other way to describe California's legislators: They are profoundly retarded.

Maybe "completely clueless about file sharing and/or technology in general" would be a more diplomatic way of putting it but nobody loses by calling California legislators retarded. Then again, comparing California legislators to the retarded gives the legislators far too much credit for their actual intellectual and cognitive capacities. The retarded do not deserve such insulting comparisons.

Nobody uses their email address on file sharing networks. With this new law in effect, expect to spot the California traders with addresses such as,, and

Copyright infringement is wrong but throwing people in jail for it should be reason enough to impeach every public official in California for gross incompetence. Such legislation is proof positive of incompetence, corruption or both.

Since the system is designed to prevent mass impeachment, we offer the following recommendation: Stop swapping copyrighted music and movies. It doesn't matter if Hollywood wins every single piece of legislation they desire because they still lose even if they win. Hollywood produces nothing but dreck and they don't deserve your money or your time. Don't give it to them. Seek out independent artists and pay for their works. There's plenty of activity in the independent scene already. Start with Google.

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