You can feel that something is very wrong with this Administration. You know that Bush and Co. twist reality so badly that what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell seems tangible only because our senses have been tortured into submission; our faculties surrender to stop the pain. Our minds go numb. The pain stays away so long as you don’t fight it. The incongruity of this reality is not a mere splinter in your mind but an unsheathed sword thrust through your skull.

Without getting into the minutae of everything that fails basic sensory and logical analyses, let’s focus on one aspect of one institution in one office: The Homeland Security Office’s Color-Coded Avisory System.

The purpose, according to the White House, seems logical enough on the surface:

The Nation requires a Homeland Security Advisory System to provide a comprehensive and effective means to disseminate information regarding the risk of terrorist acts to Federal, State, and local authorities and to the American people. Such a system would provide warnings in the form of a set of graduated “Threat Conditions” that would increase as the risk of the threat increases. At each Threat Condition, Federal departments and agencies would implement a corresponding set of “Protective Measures” to further reduce vulnerability or increase response capability during a period of heightened alert.

Then you will look at the colors and the meanings associated with them. You instinctively know they are wrong. Dead wrong. The colors are out of the natural order dictated by the visual segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. You know instinctively that the color placements are arbitrary to the temperature that each color truly represents, and the physical universe itself.

You have known this since you were a child. The natural order of color and temperature was self-evident to you until the masochistic beatings of social construction took hold.

The White House encourages you to betray your instincts and submit to their propaganda:

This system is intended to create a common vocabulary, context, and structure for an ongoing national discussion about the nature of the threats that confront the homeland and the appropriate measures that should be taken in response. It seeks to inform and facilitate decisions appropriate to different levels of government and to private citizens at home and at work.
Colors of the new advisory system are then defined under their new social paradigm for creating “common vocabulary, context, and structure”:

  • Low = Green
  • Guarded = Blue
  • Elevated = Yellow
  • High = Orange
  • Severe = Red
  • At this point, one can infer either conspiracy or stupidity. The vote for stupidity begins here.

    Every well-adjusted little kid can tell you the order of colors in a rainbow: Roy G. Biv. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

    One of the earliest experiments in Earth Science 101 involves beaming white light through a prism to separate the colors into a bona fide rainbow. The lesson learned is that white light is a mix of all colors. As awareness and comprehension grows, that lesson expands to the fact that light has different wavelengths for different colors that never change in size or order. Always Roy G. Biv. When a student begins more advanced sciences like physics and astronomy, they learn that the static wavelengths of visible light act as a dependable guide for relative temperature of stellar objects.

    Reds are the coolest colors, blues are the hottest colors. Adjusting a blowtorch, using a prism and watching a rainbow are evidence to indisputable facts of light, color and temperature.

    And temperature is what this is all about. After all, a “High” or “Severe” threat is certainly a hot situation. Such threats deserve corresponding colors.

    Homeland Security’s choices of colors are simply ignorant. Looking at the chart from “Severe” to “Low”, they hit the inverse correctly with Red, Orange and Yellow but then compounded the problems of their already mildly retarded system by putting Green after Blue.

    Green is in the middle part of the color spectrum. At the very least, they should have used the correct inverse color order. By choosing their homebrewed “Gvi B. Yor” color system to add “context and structure” to the “new” reality of terrorism, we can safely rule out conspiracy.

    The real problems are much more sinister than conspiracy. Simply put, the mindless mandarins of our Government have demonstrated themselves as morons at the most fundamental of levels.

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