Just last week, Bush was calling the Democrats, “the Party of Cut and Run.” That wholesome goodness seems like forever ago.

Grand Old Pervert superstar and former Deputy Whip of the US House of Representatives Mark Foley has checked into an alcohol rehab facility. Apparently, alcohol, and no doubt the Devil, made him sexually harass teenage male congressional pages. It’s the wrong facility for Mark Foley. The right facility for Mark Foley is a psychiatric institute followed by prison time.

The Republicans and the House Leadership have no way around this scandal because if there’s one thing Americans know, it’s alcoholism. Alcohol doesn’t trigger the sordid exchanges between Foley and the pages. Pedophilia is a stone-cold sober psychiatric disorder. Homosexual pedophilia is virtually nonexistent in the general population outside of the Catholic priesthood. Mark Foley is a rare breed of sicko pervert and the damage control tactic of alcohol rehab isn’t going to work. Nobody will let it work.

As Robert Kennedy once said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Mark Foley resigned after being confronted with the truth. The truth is that Mark Foley preyed on congressional pages for years. The emails and transcripts are evidence that he enjoyed jerking off while chatting with pages online. The ones released by the media are the “cleanest” ones and they are over-the-top nauseating.

Foley retreated to his Ft. Pierce home because he was busted. If he had the slightest chance of dodging the charges, he would have brought up alcoholism immediately. This alcoholism excuse is worthless. Alcoholism is not meant to protect Mark Foley. It is meant to protect the Republican Leadership that conspired to cover up the criminal, hypocritical behavior of the pervert from Florida’s 16th District.

Conspiracy is a felony punishable with prison time. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, knew. Roy Blunt, Majority Whip and Foley’s superior, knew. Tom Delay, still Majority Whip and Godfather of the House when the whispers started in 2003, knew. Thomas Reynolds, chairman of the House Republican Campaign Organization, knew. John Shimkus, CHAIRMAN OF THE PAGE COMMITTEE, knew. Roy Alexander knew but did nothing because, “the parents didn’t want me to.”

More likely, the parents’ son was in a “no harm, no foul” incident of Foley’s online masturbation sessions and used the matter to extract political favors from Alexander.

With Mark Foley as Deputy Whip and chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, they all had to know it was going to explode but it’s clear the power has corrupted the Republicans so thoroughly that they could rationalize Foley’s behavior as the silly monkey spanking and underage homosexual harassment that all alcoholics engage in.

All these Republican leaders must be charged with conspiracy. They knew several felonies had occurred during the tenure of Mark Foley. They didn’t let Foley run for Senate because they knew he was a fudge packing pedophile. Since the House operates by seniority, losing Foley would mean losing a significant investment in power. As the Republicans can’t handle losing any power, they let Foley’s sexual harassment of children continue.

Nobody can trust the Republicans to be the vanguards of morality. Nobody can trust the Republicans to be the vanguards of your children, the future. How do we trust the Republicans to run the war on terror or the government?

Republican Party corruption rivals the Catholic Church. They have paid off the media to portray a false world of balance. Republicans are less than 30% of voters. The remainder are Democrats and independents. They bamboozled the “red states” into thinking that Republicans have a moral high ground while sending their children to death or disability in Iraq. The Republicans orchestrated the theft of the nation’s wealth under the Bush Administration’s rape of the federal contract systems. The Republicans have conspired to crush dissent through electronic voting machines and the systematic removal of constitutional rights.

If you live in a red state, wake up. You might not be a Democrat. I’m not a Democrat. But the odds of you being a Republican that the party cares about simply do not exist. The population of people that matter in the party already know it. If you have actual morals and a clear philosophy of “Family Values”, why are you Republican? Find another party. Stop voting for these guys. If you don’t vote, take a few minutes to google your Supervisor of Elections office and get into the game.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once wrote, “The penalty for refusing to participate in politics is to be ruled by inferior men.”

Do you believe it now?

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