The shitstorm of American politics is thick enough to develop an overwhelming aversion to doing anything about it. Just check the dates on past articles at Cyberista and you’ll see the point. Work is not a completely valid excuse. It’s certainly not the reason. Sit back and enjoy as I lock, load and take aim at the last few months…

Gray-hair American idols, paint-sniffing Mexicans, Ajax-injecting Minutemen, paint-sniffing Department officials, Ajax-injecting intelligence officials, Serving While Black corruption investigations, the complete disintegration of the Constitution, a generalissimo CIA director, a relentless reference of the CIA as a “civilian” agency, an apologetic, passive-aggressive thief-in-chief comparing himself to Harry “Boom Boom” Truman, Iranian nuclear aspirations and the weapon of mass distraction version of a concrete bomb—gay marriage.

Isn’t there a war going on in Iraq?

First things first…29 year old men with gray hair are either lying about their age or dying of AIDS. The American Idol winner and bath house victim, Taylor Hicks, says he wants to be “true to what [he] was on the show.” The road to being your true self begins with telling the truth about your age. 44.

Since when do American clones like “a soulful performer influenced by legends” who wants to “make music real again.”? As the Taylor Hicks vision of music is “to inject more feeling into popular music.”, here’s to hoping he finds inspiration from Kurt Cobain in the form of a 12 gauge after he realizes that American Idol is a sham, nobody really likes him and he’ll need to consume more tubesteak than the former governor of New Jersey to keep his career alive.

Immigration… The ultimate weapon of mass distraction was dropped on aerosol cheese consumers throughout the land when Bush decided to push his ill-conceived “guest worker” program. We could work something out the way that Germany handles Turkish workers but that would require granting basic legal and human rights to currently illegal immigrants. The Department of Agriculture is already a virtual slave management organization. There’s no minimum wage for anybody in agriculture or even related businesses like restaurants so what is the point of the exercise?

Anyone who thinks 6 years of hard labor in exchange for a citizenship to a country that will perpetually marginalize the average candidate through racial, economic, political and cultural discrimination isn’t thinking this issue through. Does anyone really believe the government will grant citizenship to these people after six years? The more likely scenario is that these people, toward the end of their tenure, will be killed during an amazingly untimely act of “random” violence or framed for a crime and promptly deported.

Between America’s love of fascism and their love of being tough on crime, the only thing that can save a guest worker from murder is a lucrative prison lobby contract. Deportation doesn’t create jobs.

Who is the asshat that started the meme about the CIA being a “civilian” agency? Anyone who subscribe to this concept is nuts. The government is a self-serving faction of society that competes against all other factions for resources. The government itself is composed of several competing factions. The CIA is one of those factions. They consider themselves central to the regime. There’s nothing about citizens in the mission. If anything in the government actually served citizens then there would be no 9/11/2001 and Katrina would have been just another bad storm.

Divided we stand sounds feasible because this united nonsense has led to despotism.

The new Despot of Central Intelligence Michael Hayden might be a symbol of our junta but at least he’s one member of the junta with military experience. The rest of the militant chicken littles of the Bush Administration have done nothing to change the idea that the United States would be better off as 15 to 50 different countries instead of one rotten union.

The rotten union is best illustrated through the FBI raid on Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana. Representative Jefferson was known for openly accepting bribes. Jefferson was caught on video accepting a $100,000 bribe. $90,000 was found in his freezer wrapped in aluminum foil.

Representative Jefferson is a complete moron, no doubt about it. Besides being black, how different is Jefferson from the rest of his colleagues? It provokes the question: Where was the raid for Tom Delay and others in congressional corruption history? Did Delay escape an FBI raid because they were afraid of his power or because he’s white? Once they decided it was ok to raid the branch that oversees and funds them, they delivered the final death blow to the Constitution so they clearly don’t fear power.

As congressional staffers are exempt from drug testing, they clearly live in a different world from the country they make laws for. They all deserve the French Revolution Lite treatment. Send all 435 members of the House to breaking rocks for the rest of their natural lives and start over with a truly representative People’s House of one official per 50,000 people. That would create a House of Representatives with 6000 members.

Think about that for a minute. We wouldn’t go to war. We wouldn’t have pork corruption. People would actually know their congressman and have a realistic chance of becoming one. Congressmen would focus on repealing laws instead of adding them. There would be more than enough members to justify abolishing the entire regulatory regime. Only elected officials, not appointed Arabian Horse breeders, would create regulation as mandated by the Constitution. The Senate should go to 10 per state to allow multiple parties. I’m moving on for now but look for this topic to show up soon.

Bush compared himself to Harry Truman at the West Point graduation. The first president to recognize the power and profitability of nation building through nation destruction. Nice.

Almost forgot… there’s a war in Iraq.

US soldiers have learned that killing people creates a high that substitutes well enough for sex. Nobody says that but it’s the truth. Until they are withdrawn from Iraq or permitted to create a nation of Iraqi-American babies, these killings are going to get worse and eventually one incident will surpass My Lai.

Wait for it. Or, actually, eat a cookie and forget all about it. You’ll feel better and more energized to take on real problems like the existence of gay people.

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