Massive fires started after an explosion at a UK oil refinery in Hemel Hempstead, near London, operated by Total Oil and Texaco. The fires rage while the British set new standards for propaganda.

The particles are common to urban air. The main constituents—Hydrocarbons—are not toxic. There are only trace amounts of carcinogens. Health risks are surprisingly low. And my favorite—this facility makes substances that were destined to be burned anyway.

Yeah… just not all at once. If you are anywhere near this fire, may God have mercy on your soul. You’re going to die.

The fire, according to experts, may have been caused by a spill or a leak. However, as a patriotic American, I must blame Usama bin Laden and call for expanded use of torture techniques on brown terror suspects. If it isn’t the terrorists then it’s the assclown brigade at Downing Street. They are executing a supply side economic policy by burning down a significant portion of the supply.

Free market prices are troubling because it gives poor people some measure of power. It is better to create artificial scarcity, maximize profits and give the masses the punishment they deserve with high prices. If you need to know the price, you obviously can’t afford it.

Officials say that terrorism isn’t involved. As the rule goes, never attribute malice to what can easily be explained by stupidity. Still, the perennial suspects have sworn malice against the oil industry. If an enraged raghead did it, do you care?

I don’t.

Burn that mother down. And burn every other refinery while you’re at it.

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