We continue to see violence and suffering, caused by an enemy that is determined and brutal, unconstrained by conscience or the rules of war.
–George W. Bush, Address to the Nation, 12/18/2005

Until Dubya goes Breaker Morant on the public with an impassioned declaration that Rule 303 gives him all the justification he needs in Iraq, the status quo remains. America has no business being in Iraq. Bush cited his detractors that say that we shouldn’t be in Iraq for another day nor should we spend another dime.

Those detractors are absolutely right. From the first penny spent on this debacle to half a trillion dollars later, there’s no legitimate reason for this war.

Bush makes more excuses than a pregnant nun when it comes to justifying his corporate welfare program called “Iraq.” As America has a collective memory shorter than the citizens of Animal Farm, let’s review the reasons he gives:

–Terrorism. It just doesn’t go away. Fear mongering is the tool of unsustainable societies. Between the garbage you possess and the money owed on your shiny plastic, you are politically neutralized. Make no mistake, property accompanied by debt is the reason that fear mongering is so successful. Going along with the anti-terror nonsense makes sense because it protects the identity you created on credit.

–9/11, baby! It’s a whole new world. Way out here, it’s crystal clear. This Is a Different Era (TM), a Different War (TM). We need to keep those 80,000 Aladdin sympathizers in check. We need to know why some college brat is doing a class paper on Chairman Mao. We need to know why you are fascinated by bukake. We are the government. We’re here to help. If you fight our ability to put retractors in your asshole, then the terrorists have already won. You can have your dissent. We hear all honest criticism. Unfortunately, there are only two choices: victory or defeat. If you get into any hippie pinko commie talk about “shades of gray”, we’ll kill you—especially if you’re a danged cripple.

–Saddam is evil. Yes. There is tragedy in the world. People oppressed by a dictator is not a sufficient excuse for starting a war. In fact, there is no excuse for starting a war. Saddam ruled over a secular country. Next to Israel, Saddam should have been our closest friend. He ate Usama and company for breakfast every day. Saddam has “made in the USA” tattooed to his ass. Unfortunately, he threw missiles at Israel in 1991. Israel has a bone to pick with Iraq and it just gives the enraged ragheads a measure of credibility. True or not, a lot of Arabs believe that Israel has made the US into a colony. The cold war servant has become the master, so to speak. All Americans want is their car, some alcohol and a little bit of love. The US government’s decision to attack Iraq does not come from the people.

The “values you cherish most” and other asinine propaganda memes serve the dopamine trigger for jingoistic supporters of this war. When America was hurt by her CIA trained mujahedeen children, the government turned on its citizens. The mujahedeen were formed as a response against the monolithic Soviet army organization in Afghanistan in the late ’70s. If the US designed their guerrilla resistance program to defeat the Soviets, why would it not bite the Americans as well? Maybe the mujahedeen knew more about the rotten core of our government than anybody ever realized.

Terrorists might attack your freedom and “the values you cherish most” but only Bush and Cheney can take those away. The president and vice president belong in a comfy prison cell, with all the rights of the Geneva Convention of course, at The Hague awaiting a trial for crimes against humanity.

Simple as that.

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