About 5 minutes after Harry Belafonte called Dubya a terrorist, the rope sucking right went after him like he was a liar and damaging the shining reputation of our strongman in the Oval Office. Perhaps 10 minutes after that, George W Bush was signing orders to bomb a Pakistani village of Damadola because the current non-UBL half-assed excuse for an enemy of the United States was going to have dinner there.

They came, they bombed, they unleashed a thousand real angry new enemies that would have been otherwise apathetic to a life of despair and misery. The US didn’t get their man. Instead, they burned the village to save it. The operation gave purpose to every frustrated Pakistani in the land. Destroying all things Western is getting popular with every Moslem killed.

Even better, the US planned to take DNA samples of the dead to see which terrorists died.

Exactly how the hell do they plan to accomplish that? They couldn’t find the balls to put a human into the aircraft, how do they propose to send agents on the ground? How are they going to remove bodies from what is undoubtedly a tight community? It’s complete nonsense.

With no sustainable economic future in sight for the world, it seems like creating terrorists is an American economic program. Terrorists must be countered through something lucrative like counter-terrorism. Facilities must be built. Equipment must be purchased. Experts must be employed. Training must be done. Missions must be executed.

It’s all money and who really gives a flying fuck if you die? If you’re an American, your death symbolizes why we need to be vigilant in our never ending war. If you’re not American, your death symbolizes a victory against the terrorists. So, really, fuck you if you think that somehow being American puts you under the protection of the “good guys” or that you’re being a patriot by going along with whatever the corporate fascist Bush regime pulls out of their ass.

Now that the US was caught in a major mistake, reports are coming out with no basis in reality or logic. Nobody knows how the bodies got out to determine how “4 or 5 terrorists” were identified among the dead. Forget the absurdity of the phrase “4 or 5.” Don’t ask questions like “was it 4 bodies or 5?” That would make sense. These clowns don’t have names. National Security is no excuse because they have no problems bombarding the media with syllable soup fictional characters every time they want to inspire hate from the average American. Americans and Pakistanis should demand the names and the roles they allegedly played. The locals say everyone was local and all were buried. That’s probably closer to the truth.

The word “terrorist” originates from the Jacobins of France in 1795 during the Reign of Terror. The Jacobins used the term to describe themselves and how they used murder and imprisonment to coerce the general public into agreeing with whatever sadistic actions they wanted to take. In short, “terrorism” refers to the government.

Do the Jacobins remind you of anybody? The Bush regime is a regime of terrorists.

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