Throw the book at him.

Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington , 78, in a hunting “accident.” It’s an accident because that’s what the White House told the media. Rather than treating this like any other “accident” by saying “Vice President Richard Cheney shot a man. The incident is under investigation. Charges are pending.”, it’s simply an accident and everything is a-ok.

Except that it’s not ok. Mr. Whittington walked up from behind Cheney and the Vice President proceeded to “spray” him. Now Whittington is in INTENSIVE CARE. You’re not doing well when you’re in the intensive care unit after two days.

Cheney is a liar, a thief and now he might get the chance to add murderer to the list. He says it’s an accident but why should anyone believe anything out of that man’s mouth. How much of a liar is Richard Bruce Cheney? Weapons of mass destruction, Saddam’s connection to Al Qaeda, severed ties with Halliburton, going to war over dead Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal, 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta being in Prague with Iraqi officials when he was actually in the US, 90% of Iraq casualties are American, Saddam teaches Al Qaeda about biological & chemical weapons, he never coordinated federal no-bid contracts with Halliburton… the list is incredibly long.

Dick Cheney is the reason that nobody wants to impeach Bush without a Watergate-style Vice Presidential resignation.

The fact that the media is calling this shooting an accident without any investigation is proof positive that our government sees themselves as untouchable aristocrats. Actually, no further proof was needed after Dick Cheney declared his Maryland home to be a no fly zone.

Back to the story at hand…

How is it possible that anyone could “sneak up” on Cheney? Have you ever encountered secret service agents? These dudes do not miss a single detail. The Vice President has an army of them at his disposal. We’re supposed to believe that Cheney can actually be surprised by anything? Get real.

As an Austin attorney, Whittington is probably connected to the Delay trial. The media doesn’t mention which political party Whittington serves. What is Cheney doing with a weapon that can “spray” anything besides water? It’s not very sporting to kill quails with a machine gun.

The media term is birdshot. This term, in the context of the situation, is a euphemism. Language is important. While “birdshot” is a perfectly normal term for hunters, it doesn’t describe what actually happened: Cheney filled Whittington’s upper body with lead.

Unless 78 year old Whittington happens to have the luck of rapper 50 Cent, he won’t do well getting shot several times. Whether or not foul play occurred is not for the White House to determine. Like any other shooting, there must be an investigation and there must be pending charges.

Accidents don’t happen around Dick Cheney.

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