When are corporations going to learn that harming customers is exponentially more expensive than changing with the market?

Sony didn't know it. Read more [...]

... there will be sex parties throughout the NFL.

On October 6th, a few Minnesota Vikings chartered a boat for a party on Lake Minnetonka. The Read more [...]

The single biggest behavioral influence of the last 10 years has been internet pornography. No matter what your situation, you're reacting to it. Wh Read more [...]
A recent CNN/Gallup poll shows that Americans want to be like the Dutchbags and put the terminally ill to death. 58% of Americans think euthanasia is Read more [...]
Pat Robertson is now wanted by the Venezuelan government for advocating the assassination of President Hugo Chavez.

It's very simple. Robertson Read more [...]

Viagra is made by criminals, Read more [...]
The Beeb has a report about a town in The Congo being sealed off because of an Ebola outbr Read more [...]
The ever-present fascist posse in America likes to chant to every privacy intrusion that “law-abiding citizens have nothing to hide.” They discou Read more [...]
The project will take some time. I'm making the current ASP code more efficient and readable so the port is easy. The Btlaxe forum code is defin Read more [...]
I have decided to convert Cyberista to PHP. I'm sure all the stupid bots will love it since it was only September 2004 when I added this forum an Read more [...]