Viagra is made by criminals, given to criminals and paid for by criminals. The fact that sex offenders in New York and Florida have been getting the drug is really too funny to get upset about.

The subject of sex offenders makes people say stupid stuff. Take Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, for example:

“The bottom line is, giving convicted sex offenders government-funded Viagra is like giving convicted murderers an assault rifle when they get out of jail,”

Aren’t “assault rifles” exactly what we’re talking about when the subject is sex offenders on Viagra?

Perhaps Senator Schumer should have completely avoided the analogies to just say that government-funded Viagra is idiotic on every conceivable level and simply obnoxious when given to sex offenders. This way, nobody gets confused.

He could get even clearer on the matter of government-funded Viagra by stating that sponsoring the sufferers of cock disorders can potentially cost the taxpayers more money from unplanned pregnancy while government-funded birth control pills saves the taxpayers from supporting future criminals.

Talking heads were pushing “Viagra testing” like it’s necessary. What kind of test would that be? Look for the persistent bulge? How about just cutting off their access to Viagra through Medicaid? Let’s cut off /everybody’s/ access to Viagra through Medicaid while we’re at it.

There are only a few ways to prevent people from having sex. As far as sex offenders are concerned, sterilize them. If they get caught doping it up, cut their balls off. A more humane probation requirement would be education on masturbation. Turn sexual abuse into self abuse and the government will have a program they can brag about at the United Nations.

If sex offenders are blind, what harm can they do?

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