Pat Robertson is now wanted by the Venezuelan government for advocating the assassination of President Hugo Chavez.

It’s very simple. Robertson advocated the death of a democratically elected head of state. The US has an extradition treaty with Venezuela. Send Robertson to stand for his crime.

Roberson is a hypocrite and a scoundrel but everybody knows that. The trash talking ends where criminal law begins. Bush has enough problems with his presidency right now. He should throw Robertson to the wolves and send Posada Carrilles–another criminal requested by Venezuela–while he’s at it.

The right hasn’t figured out that power means responsibility. A like or dislike of Chavez is irrelevant. He is the leader of Venezuela. Robertson has no business threatening anyone’s life, let alone performing unilateral foreign policy from the boob tube.

What would Jesus do? He definitely wouldn’t preach murder. Robertson needs a ticket to Hell with a stopover in Caracas.

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