A recent CNN/Gallup poll shows that Americans want to be like the Dutchbags and put the terminally ill to death. 58% of Americans think euthanasia is a good idea.

Euthanasia, like other idealistic concepts, sounds great on paper. As with Marxists, capitalists and just about every other group identifying itself with the “ism” suffix, supporters of euthanasia are myopic in their perspective and simply detached from reality.

The definition of euthanasia is literally “good death.” It’s the idea that ending a life is an act of mercy in situations of incurable disease or interminable pain. The problem with euthanasia is not one of the individual. In a perfect world, people should be allowed to decide their fate. The problem is with society and their appetite for killing whatever they fear at any cost.

You can call it “assisted suicide” or any other euphemism you want. This issue isn’t about suicide. Nobody is stopping you from killing yourself. No nation-state in Western civilization has suicide as a crime. True mercy killing is already legal. It comes under clever names like “palliative care”, “terminal sedation” and “do not resuscitate” clauses in living wills. If you want to be really insane, you can choose “suicide by cop” or check out the dozens upon dozens of proven methodologies at the Usenet Guide to Suicide.

Euthanasia is first about money and second about eugenics. The contemporary Nazis will tell you the old T4 program line that the disabled cost the state 750,000 marks per year. That’s your money, comrade. They are life that doesn’t deserve life. Be merciful and throw them in a ditch when you’re done raping them.

Americans wouldn’t rape the disabled and throw them in a ditch. Americans are much more subtle and sophisticated than Nazi Germany. This country engages in devastating psychological warfare to marginalize any given target group. Look at your TV. Look at yourself. Look at the choices people make to augment and perfect themselves. Look at your options. Look at the drugs available and the conditions they cure. Look at the condition you have and the blank sheet of paper listing everyone working on it.

Until “I don’t want to live” means exactly that, the world is not mature enough for euthanasia. When “I don’t want to live” is shorthand for “I don’t want to live like this”, society has failed that person. When billions go to weight loss and sexual overclocking while relatively nothing goes to the “incurable” conditions, society is sweeping the real problem under the rug.

The system wants the disabled to kill themselves so they are as clean as Pontius Pilate. Medicine doesn’t know how to cure much of anything. They are good at comforting the afflicted and then practicing if possible.

The money aspect makes euthanasia absurd. Because doctors can clear $300 for 15 to 20 minutes of a pat on the back or a wheelchair shop can charge 35% over market prices which are 80% over actual worth, people will want to kill the disabled and call it mercy.

The real problems with the disabled don’t involve physical limitations. What makes them worth killing is marketing limitations. Without marketing power, the psychological war will intensify. When the first idiot is allowed to get help with killing himself, the zombies will start laying on the pressure.

Why are you still dealing with this? Why don’t you choose to die?

What I find truly amusing and ironic about people reacting to disability is that, in my experience, it has always been the athletes that have sincere empathy for the disabled. Three years ago, a guy in my apartment complex in Tampa was getting ready for an upcoming NFL combine in Indianapolis when he handed me a beer by the pool. He expertly broke down the issue:

“You and me… we’re not that different. Fate could have you handing me a beer and telling me about your attempt to break into NFL. Fate could still fuck me over so I keep fighting. Got to keep fighting. We don’t know anything about tomorrow.”

When society is mature enough to accept euthanasia, there will be no desire for euthanasia. We will be living in the perfect world.

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