The Beeb has a report about a town in The Congo being sealed off because of an Ebola outbreak. Ebola is some nasty stuff and didn’t appear yesterday so the locals should have some kind of clue on how to avoid it, right?

The cause was traced to some assclown “hunters” that encountered a dead chimpanzee, took it home and ate it. Bushmeat, it is said, is a delicacy. The deader, the better.

How these people survived hundreds of thousands of years of evolution is simply beyond me. Most animals will not go near something they didn’t (a) kill themselves or (b) see killed yet humans will say, “Wow. A dead monkey! Let’s eat it!” without meeting either qualifier.

Now they have Ebola–the gift that keeps on giving.

Forget sealing off the town. Burn it to cinders.

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