Opening the mailbox every day is a pointless task. If you are like most people, 90% of your nonbill-related mail is completely worthless promotional propaganda.

Corporate protoplasm masses have decided that you need a free Chia Pet to entice you to transfer your balances to a 2.9% credit card. After 30 days, interest goes to 29% and you are stuck with the porcelain mold fro.

Of course, you don’t even look at your junk mail anymore. You probably just tear it and trash it.

Now the deep question: why trash it in your garbage when you can trash it in the sender’s garbage?

That was the question raised in a chain letter to Cyberista. Usually, chain letters get the shaft but this one was a real winner.

Basically, all of your junk mail has “prepaid postage”. That means it’s ready to rock when you are. Somebody else already put good money towards arranging for you to respond to their junk.

Go ahead and respond.

Package the junk into the prepaid envelope and drop it in the mailbox. Even switch junk mail between companies and send it on its way. That could be two pounds per day for some people. Instead of 60 pounds of unsolicited trash in your garbage, hit corporations in their pocketbook.

60 pounds per month is 360 pounds per year times 250 million Americans. If everyone sent their junk mail back via prepaid postage, the practice would have to come to a screeching halt.

In the rare event that a product is simply too good to pass up, no company would be able to convince anyone to put their own hard-earned stamp on promotional garbage.

Make a political statement. Send it back.

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