The problem of racial profiling is not the act but the method.

The prevailing mentality among police officers is to stop blacks and Hispanics for minor drug offenses. They are all high and dangerous, right? They all have a certain demeanor, speech pattern and style of clothing, right?

These men should have known better than to be what corporate America wants them to be, right?

No, wrong and maybe.

For every black kid that acts out like a thug from the Bloods, there is a wound up white kid ready to rain real bullets on his peers.

Any mass murders from the black and Hispanic community?

Absolutely not.

Problems in those communities come from substance in the chemical form and static in the media form specifically aimed at social dysfunction. Mass murder, on the other hand, is a uniquely white pasttime in the United States.

The police aren’t profiling white people. The FBI says there’s no mass murderer profile.

If you can’t find the lily white profile of someone who may or may not shoot his fellow students or coworkers, there is no foundation to the idea that you can profile blacks or Hispanics for drug and gun related crime.

Profiling is a bad excuse for bad law enforcement.

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