“Welcome to America. Please place your hands behind your back and lay face down on the ground.”

With Monday’s debut of Operation Liberty Shield, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s newest attempt at keeping us safe from terrorists, asylum seekers from dozens of mostly Muslim countries will be in for a surprise when they arrive on our shores.

The U.S. plans to lock them up while officials check out their claims of persecution in their home countries.

“We want to make absolutely certain you are who you say you are,” Tom Ridge said at a news conference.

Never mind that the process sometimes takes years. The image of refugees languishing in some supra-Constitutional hellhole while two-hour lunch DC bureaucrats at State and INS mull over their paperwork is too much for us to handle.

On the other hand, and as a matter of principle, we are glad that the U.S. Government is finally standing up to the PC police who say that racial profiling is out of the question.

We’re fed up with the hassles in the airport, the underpaid rent-a-cops taking too many liberties on their cheap porn-induced power trips, housewives and blue hairs removing their belts and shoes in assembly line fashion.

If they’re going to make people’s lives more of a hassle than they already are, then they can do it to the douche bags that want to sneak into the U.S. to kill and maim.

It’s not OK to treat people that come to America seeking freedom and a better life like criminals.

Here, all people are still innocent until proven guilty.

But it is OK to make sure that those seeking asylum here, especially those from the Middle East region, are not more gems like the murderers who brought down the World Trade Center.

Even in the land of the free, life has always been rough for immigrants and refugees. If you doubt that, then you still think the Mafia was all about fur coats and endearing names.

Because of the actions of 19 losers, it just got a little bit harder.

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