By “dumbasses”, we mean CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and every other media outlet that had nothing to say yesterday, but kept talking, about apparent suicides from approximately the 88th floor of the World Trade Center on Tuesday after jets crashed into the twin towers in a terrorist attack.

It’s quite possible that not one single journalist yesterday had ever been exposed to the elements at that height. Instead of thinking Jesus, that dude would need to be an Olympic longjumper to get that far away from the building. Maybe he was blown off by a gust of wind through the now exposed tower., they continuously put forth the idea that literally dozens of people decided that life was hopeless after such an event and that it’s better to slam into concrete than deal with burn injuries.

Because the media speculated about emotions they can’t possibly have understood, they failed to look at the most logical possibilities of why bodies were literally flying out of the building–wind. Through their speculations, they dishonored the victims as mental cases, ignored the biological survival instinct that prevents suicide even in the most extreme circumstances and publicly embarrassed the families that will eventually discover that it was one of their own that suffered unbelievable horror and fell over 80 floors to death.

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