The historical market for hookers and slaves is pale compared to the modern market of U.S. politician trafficking. Enron, Enron Park and every scumbag Enron executive that took the Fifth Amendment is proof positive that the financial system created through neoliberal anarchy (i.e., Capitalism) and sociopathic leadership has reached a level of internal corrosion that is too high to escape implosion.

Neoliberalism has precisely the same objectives as terrorism. Neoliberals seek “Free markets” without accountability to Governments or people so they can treat both as they please in the pursuit of wealth. Terrorists seek the same kind of anarchy so that they may also destroy governments and people that get in the way of their social agenda.

Enron played with people’s lives in a manner that is not so different from a terrorist attack. Enron thought about nobody else as demanded by their ideology of money. The actions of Enron devastated thousands of people and sent fear through the entire country.

Why should anyone trust any corporation with their money? Stock ownership is a joke when executives can part with their positions in a snap of their fingers while ordinary investors have to deal with loser phone service or faulty Internet brokerages.

Why should anyone believe any corporation when nobody from corporations or brokerage houses or the media benefits from telling people to divest and let some other idiot own their portfolio?

Why should anyone trust a system that explicitly bars market research firms without parent brokerage houses? It is against the rules to distribute financial knowledge without a conflict of interest. A confounding double negative and a grim reality of Wall Street.

The U.S. financial system survives on hype from above and ignorance from below. 95 percent of investors are in way over their head and if Enron cannot resuscitate them from the friendly shaft that they are getting from their local fraternity burnouts at Merrill Lynch and others, then they deserve to lose their money.

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