Ann Landers was a con artist that made a career out of other people’s misery by dispensing “Advice” in a daily column for The Chicago Sun Tribune. Now she’s dead and cannot do any damage to anybody with her disconnected nonsense about happiness through cleaning men’s underwear, putting diapers on grown women, animals in the toilet and cherishing dependency if it makes a girl happy.

There are two major reasons that nobody, including professional mental health experts, should give advice:

  • The wise don’t need it.
  • The fools don’t heed it.
  • The Ann Landers that just died is actually the second one of her kind. The original Landers died in 1955. The only thing that both women had in common was that neither one was actually named Ann Landers. Version 2 got her job by entering a contest so that the Chicago Sun Tribune could continue the farcical prole feed column.

    The fact that the Chicago paper held a contest is a tribute to the credibility of the column and the professionalism of its writer.

    It is the position of this magazine that anyone who needs to write under an assumed name in the United States of America is a coward that cannot and will not stand behind their words. Ann Landers, both of them, are cowards that deserve spit on their graves for being the pioneers of media manipulation.

    Perhaps it is out of line to speak ill of the dead but, in this case, to hell with the dead.

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