Depending on who you ask, nanotechnology is either the worst thing to ever happen or a way to accelerate the singularity–a moment in the future of evolution where humans become obsolete.

In the first vision, molecular engineering turns humans into a “gray goo” because nano-sized machines will destroy us at the atomic level. For those that think gray goo is a bad idea, no nanotech is good nanotech. In the insane singularity mofo vision, nanotech will make us better humans BUT, if we don't make the cut for being as good or better than enlightened machines, gray goo is a humane and necessary form of euthanasia.

IBM has a third vision of nanotechnology and human goo.

At CeBIT, IBM unveiled the Millipede—a terabyt harddrive the size of a postage stamp. The Millipede is an absolute marvel of nanotechnology and a testament to IBM engineering. To give you an idea of how much information a terabyt can hold, imagine 25 DVD disks with 3 hours of footage on each disc. Now imagine 75 hours worth of high quality pornography on your postage stamp.

Innovation at IBM has used nanotech to allow humans to produce goo rather than become goo. With this kind of storage capacity in nanotechnology—along with a healthy diet—there is no gray goo. All goo becomes white goo and when people are empowered to produce white goo, everybody wins.

Such positive vibes are something that neither the nanotech alarmists nor the singularity idiots can accomplish with their myopic visions of the future. IBM is the undisputed leader in nanotechnology and empowering people to control their gooey destiny.

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