Based on Bin Laden’s speeches and statements, there would be no surprise if
Bin Laden ordered the terrorist acts of September 11th. Nor is there surprise by Talibani support
for Bin Laden. What is surprising, however, is the high possibility of U.S.
support for Talibani governance.

There is a history to this relationship between the US and Afghanistan.

Comprising a small minority in the Afghani population, the Taliban have had
the Afghan territory hijacked for the last four years. Their actions over
these years suggest that they are ignorant psychotics, who have treated the
Afghani people as the Jews were treated while in German concentration camps.

The Afghani people were the first to be victimized by the Taliban, after
catching the brunt of the war between the Soviets and U.S.-supported Taliban
warriors. In a country riddled with land mines and a destroyed
infrastructure, the people are starved, millions of women widowed, and
hundreds of thousands of children disabled.

And yet the majority opinion here is to “bomb them into the Stone Age,” to
make them suffer, to destroy their hospitals and houses. Well, it is too
late: the Soviets did that already, and we took part in it.

If we bomb
‘them’, the Taliban would feast in the caves while our bombs would get some
of those disabled children—they move pretty slowly. Our bombs would only
weaken the people, making it easier for the Taliban to rule Afghanistan
thereafter. Flying over Kabul and dropping bombs would not destroy the
Taliban or the people who committed these crimes. Instead, it would entail
uniting with the Taliban—by further victimizing those who have been victims
for years.

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