John Ashcroft stumbled out of his ‘safe room’ yesterday to announce a nationwide crackdown on drug paraphernalia. 55 people were arrested and 11 Int Read more [...]
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Within the European Union, copyright protection lasts 50 years. That means that the golden age of jazz, as defined by Monk and Davis, along with the Read more [...]
In Washington, there was a time when only a dead girl or a live boy could end your career. See Ted Kennedy about dead girl dodging. Avoid OJ. Today, t Read more [...]
The nonsense of the Chinese Communist Party began in earnest this past weekend as President Jiang Zemin(JZ) kicked off the 16th Party Congress with a Read more [...]
In a speech to U.S. Americans held last night in Cincinnati, Dubya made another attempt to justify an unjust plan to invade Iraq using ground forces. Read more [...]
Please excuse the condescending tone of the next few paragraphs. While you, the esteemed reader of Cyberista, do not need to be reminded of such basic Read more [...]
According to public and private sources, the Bush Administration’s war on Iraq is well underway (as much as “underway” can describe an aerial occupati Read more [...]
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